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Palki or Palanquin bears the true resemblance of our age old tradition. It served as a luxury transport, mainly for the women which with time faded away with the influx of improved automobiles. To revive this lost culture, Mr. Subrata Biswas initiated his dream company Chaturdola Agency, in 1999, who offer the most conventional range of Doli or palki to recreate the age old essence in a contemporary way.

Our line of Doli are mostly hired for different wedding purposes, irrespective of all communities, immersions purposes and other social events. We offer our services in various cities of India like Kolkata, Ranchi, Guwahati, Bengalurru etc. All our Doli are designed in the most elegant and stylish manner using the premium quality materials, fabrics and designer accessories.

Backed by a team of sensible professionals, our proprietorship firm has carved a niche for itself in this unique sector and is running successfully in the City of Joy, yielding a reputed client base all over the nation. We offer a variant line of palkis that includes wooden palki, iron palki, beth palki, Indian Wedding palki, Asian wedding palki etc. We are also offering comprehensive services for the other communities offering designer dolis, Indian bridal dolis, silver dolis etc. Our company also has established reliable associations with wedding bands, Ghori suppliers etc and we also organize musical events by arranging DJ services. We ensure our clients with an assortment of unique services, which our clients can avail in the most affordable and subsidized services.

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